Consider the Overlanders's bridge. Commissioned in 1958 and completed in 1961. In 1961, Canada Census indicates that approximately 6300 people lived in Brock, North Kamloops, Tranquille, Westmount and the Westsyde Rate payers Assoc. combined. Think about it. They built a 4-lane bridge for just over 6K people!! I can only imagine what the criticism would have been for that project back then. I admire their Vision of what they felt might be needed in 50 years and more so that they then foolowed through and built it. We need to look ahead and do the same here.

“Great Leaders Create More Leaders

Good leaders have vision and inspire others to help them turn vision into reality. Great leaders create more leaders, not followers. Great leaders have vision, share vision, and inspire others to create their own.”
― Roy T. Bennet

6th and Columbia

I believe neighbourhood or community associations could and should have a huge role in shaping Kamloops in the future by being active and advocates for the values that are important to their community or neighbourhood.

Give credit to the idea to Dieter Duty and his group for this concept.  I like it, but not in Riverside Park.  This is my variation of their idea.

The old Ministry of Highways building at 6th and Columbia Street should be to transformed into a Granville Island style market with artisans, the Farmers Market, and more green space to connect the Springhill multi-purpose pathway and Peterson Creek Park.    The buildings have large doors that would allow the the farmers market to be inside during bad weather and outside when it is nice. 

It is a logical extension of the green space and adds community connectivity.   This site is centrally located and is a natural hub space to link our city.  This is my idea for the future that will help define and enhance  our great city.

PAC and Convention Center

I believe it is time to look at buiding a Preforming Art Centre and or a multipurpose Centre, but not Downtown.   At TRU.  Remove the rock bluffs in the background of this TRU photo and use the material for the Rivers Trail (see below).

We get a footprint for a great location.  Co-manage the building with TRU.  Design the PAC as a teaching facility that can increase TRU's curriculum in Theatre Arts & Trades.  Building in film, recording, production facilities that we can train people for the industry with.  The film industry has huge growth opportunities and needs the skilled workers for the Industry.  Why not train the workers here and generate economy at the same time?  It make a better business model for costs and benefits to our economy.

TRU has the infrastructiure for transit, parking and the best view for such a building.  The parking lots are there already and largely empty in the evenings which is perfect for the PAC needs.    This location would be my choice for such a facility.

Rivers Trail

Let's take the rock for the bluff at TRU in the photo above to make room for a Performing arts/Multipurpose centre and finish the dikes along the northshore and other parts of Kamloops to protect our city and create a rivers trail system that connect all of our city, Westsyde (hopefully Heffley and Rayleigh too) to Kamloops Lake, plus the south shore Rivers Trail.  

Use the old pilings on the Thompson for a bridge like the one in the background that was built by the citizens of Golden, BC through the direction of the Rotary Club of Golden BC.  We could do the same here.  

Invite the Timber Frame Guild of America to help us with our bridge as they did in Golden, BC.  Our community could build it at MacArthur park.  This would be a great tourist attraction for our city and a huge asset for our citizens recreation.  

We could enhance the trail with amenities and services through flexible zoning of the area along and beside the trails.  Backyard pizza stop, bike rentals, bagel stops, cafe's or restaurants. This would define Kamloops as unique and might just attract a few more businesses that make our economy strong.

I believe it's idea worth pursuing.  

Fire and Flood

I believe we need to actively start to deal with our fire and flood risks.  With the past few years serving as a warning to interface fires that  can and will eventually happen here, it is time to act.

We can do many things to reduce the fire risks.  Active branch pruning to 4 m, thinning of the stand and yes, burning.  We need to reduce the fuel loads on the ground.  Burning in the spring and fall can be done safely and needs to be done to protect our community plus restore the health of the ecosystems that surround Kamloops.

Let's involve community and neighbourhood associations, service clubs, outside agencies like BC Min. of Forests, Fire Protection Branch, and our talented city workers to deal with this risk.  We can do this and we need to.

The diking system in Kamloops is incomplete and I believe we need to actively pursue finishing it to protect the citizens of Kamloops and the businesses that drive our economy.

There are federal grants available for disaster mitigation and we need to go after them to keep our city safe and our taxes down.


The Ranch

I think it is time that we look at getting potable water out to the Rayleigh Ranch. With all that the place has to offer we really need to get the drinking water on site.

Better yet, Why don't we develop the Raylegh Ranch with an RV park to generate some income and improve the opportunities for Ball tournaments out there? This could and should substantially increase our revenue from the site and that's not a bad thing.

Or go way out side the box and put a bandshell and Exhibition grounds, like the old KXA had. We could have musical events, 4H events, heck if we built the buildings in the right way we could use them as sound stages and rent them out to the movie industry. The movie industry is dying for spaces just like this idea. So any possibilities that could generate city revenue from.

But it needs drinking water first. Time to get on with making that happen. Please get out and vote October 20th. Bring a friend, phone a neighbour, but get the vote out.
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