All Of Kamloops

I believe it matters that we look at all the parts of Kamloops because everyone is equal.
I believe there is good reason for a vibrant strong downtown or Northshore, but I also believe that all the communities that make up Kamloops need attention. I live in Brocklehurst, work in Aberdeen, grew up in Valleyview and attended school in Westsyde. Each area is geographically different and distinct, but they are all still part of Kamloops.   All of Kamloops needs to be heard and given attention from City Hal.  I will make sure we do that.

Roads & Maintenance

Anyone else wonder why we have so much trouble clearing snow from our streets in the past few years? Why do all the private snow clearing contractors use a front plow or snow blowers to clear the streets and our city uses belly blades????

This is my truck (January 2018) that I decided to drive into the snow bank to find where the curb was. As you can see, where people can park and where the curb actually is located are not even close. The whole curb lane is not plowed.  The last photo is the bus stop on Hillside Drive, just downhill from the Pacific Way intersection. The whole turn lane was never cleared either???  Lots of Kamloops ad similar problems.  We need to do better.

We can do better. Let's use best practices for snow clearing and let our talented city workers do the best job possible.  It is very likely we can save us tax payers money, make our streets more passable and safer for people use in the winter.

Start with a plan, a city bylaw on keeping streets clear of vehicles so the crews don't have to drive around obstacles. Lots of cities do this.  Start on October 15 to March 30th where no vehicles can be left on the streets overnight.  Ever wonder how much our city has to pay for the damages city snow plows accidentally do to vehicles left on the street that they were forced to work around?? I'd like to know because we all pay for it. Clear the streets of vehicles and make the job easier and save us money.

Use front plows, especially on main roads, and give the drivers the training to be confident in doing the job. There are lots of other best practices for snow removal that we need to start doing in Kamloops to start saving money. Oh and if we clear our streets of snow then we are likely to have less potholes to fix later so that saves us even more $$$$.

Then there is the sidewalks.  Plowing the snow from the sidewalks back onto the road surface is just dumb, costly and unsafe. Most streets have publicly owned boulevards that the snow should be pile on.  Keep the crossing open and the access points clear.  Have a plan, follow it and we will all be happier.

Potholes need to be fixed.  People can use the free MyCity app for Kamloops and help our city workers find the problems before they get out of hand.  We all can help.  But let's keep the holes filled, the streets and walkways clear and the roads in great shape.  We all deserve it.

Community Safety & Crime

We need to reduce crime in Kamloops...

I believe Kamloops has had an increase in crime in the past few years. I have heard from enough people to know that we have a problem. So how do we solve it? Looking at what other communities in Canada have done, here is what I have learned.

The certainty of punishment is much more important than severity. Criminal justice resources should focus on increasing the certainty of punishment rather than on expanding prisons.

The best way of increasing certainty is to use a targeted deterrence strategy directed at high-rate offenders. Serious offenders are told they will be getting special attention and that there will be zero tolerance for breaking the law. Teams of police and probation and parole officers are assigned to ensure that these promises are kept. A key to this programs success is that offenders are also given extensive support if they choose to leave their criminal lifestyles.

This approach requires no new laws and results in fewer people in prison. Thus it is possible to simultaneously reduce both crime and imprisonment. The evidence shows that we can have both less crime and fewer people in jail which would help cut government spending.

In summary we need to work with our local RCMP to insist on a similar strategy, backing them with the resources they need. We also need to push our federal and provincial government agencies hard to invest this money in increasing the certainty of arrest for high-risk offenders, expanding proven social development programs to reduce potential offenders, and providing real support to victims of crime. If we want to change our crime problem, we should at least use proven methods.

Economic Development

We need to keep our local economy strong...

A strong economy affords us the opportunity to pay for the things we need to use our city and enjoy our city.  Lots of places are looking for businesses to grow, so we need to define ourselves by focusing on our strengths and marketing those strengths to the local and global business communities. 

Let's make sure we use flexible and creative zoning that keeps our business and building opportunities growing.  Reduce the red tape, streamline our permitting system, make sure we are tax competitive and lastly, be willing to say,"YES" when the opportunities present themselves.  

We should explore more joint partnerships with business and our neighbours at Tk'kemlups te Secwepemc, they have the land.  Let's form a city business corporation  and pursue the Inland Port.  We could locate it along Hwy5, beside CN station, call it Kamport and go completely electric for the equipment and market that to clients.  We could partner with our neighbour to make this happen.  We would both benefit from this project for decades to come.  

We have to look at building a multipurpose convention centre.  Inquiries and stats show we need one.  I believe we can come up of a strong economic plan that would support the idea and make this happen. 

In summary, we need to have strong economy to pay for everything that makes our city work.  I believe our opportunities are endless if we are willing to be innovative, creative and we are active in pursuing our economic goals. 

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